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Create Positive Peace


The book A Theory of Peace led us to the thinking of Johan Galtung, there he proposed to start building direct, structural and cultural peace (as we show in the image above).

This mean that as the first step, we must work on the three forms of violences that he has identified —direct, structural and cultural— so that we can creat the scenario that will allow us to create peace in both ways.

As we can see there is not a simple issue. There are huge factors to keep in mind. Several levels and as you can imagine each  situation is unique and need a specific diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.

In our experience (more than 20 years dealing with conflicts) Oscar Daniel Franco Conforti has proposed different intervention programs, according to the field and the characteristic of the situation to deal with.

As we said, Buildingpositivepeace.com provides free resources for any person or institution interested in Build Positive Peace in their life and community.