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What we propose to do here is what Johan Galtung suggest on the book A Theory of Peace «use the subtitle of this book»:

Building Direct, Structural and Cultural Peace.

Buildingpositivepeace.com provides a serial of free resources elaborated by Oscar Daniel Franco Conforti  Ph.D., as Principal Investigator at Galtung Institute for Theory and Practice of Peace Spain (IG-Spain) for any person or institution interested in Build Positive Peace in their life and community.

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To register for the Webinar, you must do a donation of 50€ and we will send you the details to connect and participate on the day and time indicated.

Para inscribirse en el Webinar, debe hacer un donativo de 50€ y le enviaremos a su e-mail los datos para conectarse y participar el día y hora indicada.

Per iscriversi al Webinar, è necessario effettuare una donazione di 50€ e vi invieremo i dati per collegarvi e partecipare nel giorno e nell'ora indicati.

Para se inscrever no Webinar, você deve fazer uma doação de 50€ e nós lhe enviaremos os detalhes para se conectar e participar no dia e hora indicados.

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